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Poolside workDid your workday look like this? If not maybe you should be asking yourself why not? We all dream of working from home or working on the beach but how many of us actually do something about it? Let me answer that for you,  VERY FEW.  Why do you suppose that is? Really there are only 2 answers as to why people don’t take the leap and change their life.


1.) Fear of Failing 

2.) They don’t know how to start or where to begin.


Being fearful of failing is something that EVERYBODY has in EVERY aspect of life, It’s just a simple fact. Whats the best way to get over that fear is a question i get asked Every Day. And what is my answer? Knowing How & where to start, thus solving the second problem, or as i like to say 2 Birds, 1 Stone.

Small Business Millions will be your Roadmap to Starting, Building, & Growing your business into a $1 million + company.


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